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Antibody collection

The Nb4D group has an important collection of antibodies and immunoreagents for a variety of xenobiotics  (antibiotics, synthetic steroids, pesticides, organohalogenated substances, surfactants, etc) hormones, biomarkers and metabolites, and the corresponding immunochemical protocols for their detection or isolation from complex samples.
  •     Pesticides
  •     Industrial residues
  •     Hormones
  •     Antibiotics
  •     Microorganisms

List of immunoreagents

Organic synthesis

Hapten design and synthesis. The haptens are designed based on the knowledge and expertise of the Nb4D group, chemical criteria and making use of molecular modeling tools and theoretical calculations.

Immunochemical techniques

Expertise in immunochemical analytical method development: microarray, microplate ELISA, immunoaffinity columns, optical and electrochemical biosensors (SPR, LSPR, optical waveguide gratings, amperometry, impedance spectroscopy, etc)

Surface chemistry

Expertise on (bio)functionalization of micro/nanostructurated surfaces and micro/nano particles of different chemical nature.

Nb4D research network

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