Plataformas de Diagnostico Universal Basadas en Nanoparticluas Codificadas con Oligonucleotidos y Dispositivos de Microarrays de DNA (OligoCODEs)

The main goals of this project are the production of bioreceptors for relevant biomarkers of CVD and the preparation and evaluation of multimodal nanoparticles. These goals constitute the basis for the development of sensing platforms. The group is responsible for the establishment of procedures and providing IBEC with the immunoreagents and biohybrid nanoparticles to be later assayed in an electrochemical DNA-sensor array.
The technology and tools developed are based on the use of oligonucleotide codified biohybrid gold nanoparticles (oligo(BR)AuNP), biofunctionalised magnetic particles and DNA microarrays on electrochemical sensor transducers. The oligocodes of the oligo(BR)AuNP will identify the target biomarkers or interacting biomolecules, while providing amplification of the primary binding signal through the release of multiple oligonucleotides for each biomolecular interaction (PCR-less approach). The biofunctionalised magnetic particles will be used for selective extraction/isolation of biomarker targets or biomolecules from biological samples for quantification or characterisation of the interacting biomolecules. The DNA microarrays electrochemical biosensors will provide the universal automated biosensor platform for reliable detection/quantification of interesting targets.

The project will focus on the detection of interacting biomolecules and biomarkers with clinical relevance in the diagnosis, follow-up of the treatment and prognosis of cancer and cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

  • NB-IBEC (NanoBioengineering Group, Instutute for Bioengineering of Catalonia)

Participating Investigators

MINECO, Dirección General de Investigación Científica y Técnica, Subdirección General de Proyectos de I+D
Selected Publications
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