The Nb4D group has been awarded a grant from Catalan government to increase Technology Transfer


The Nanobiotechnology for Diagnostics Group has been awarded a prestigious grant from ACCIÓ to potentiate its plans for Technology Transfer and to be acredited with the TECNIO stamp of approval. These grants are aimed at financing for up to three years the integration of the selected groups into the TECNIO network.

TECNIO is the stamp of approval that the Catalan government (Generalitat de Catalunya) grants through ACCIÓ to identify outstanding Catalan technology, those that are offering it and the facilitators of technology and knowledge transfer while also aligning with the regional strategies of innovation approved by the European Union. ACCIÓ is the agency of the Catalan government concerned with the promotion of Catalan business.

Two types of entities are acredited with the TECNIO stamp
- Entities that develop differential technology: the developers
- Entities that facilitate access to differential technology: the facilitators.

The Nb4D group falls into the former category. Our group has been chosen due to its outstanding development of new diagnostic approaches for the detection of substances of keen interest in the food safety, clinical and environmental monitoring fields. With this grant our groups hopes to be able to dedicate more time and resources to the transfer of the technology developed into viable products for release onto the market. We hope to collaborate with Catalan and international businesses to increase our product output.

This grant will enable us to market our products to a wider audience as we will be able to hire someone with sufficient understanding of the research performed by the group and with the capacity to promote the technology of the group while leaving the investigators more time to continue their research.

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