The NANBIOSIS platform of CIBER-BBN has been incorporated into the network of Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructures



Excerpt from press note Madrid 10th October 2014 of CIBER-BBN


The NANBIOSIS platfrom of the CIBER-BBN has been incorporated into the map of Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructures (ICTS) of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity.

- CIBER-BBN and the Jesus Usón Minimally Invasice Surgery Centre (CCMIJU) have been incorporated into the ICTS with their platform orientated at medical applications.
- NANBIOSIS hopes to give a complete service with a "unique window" model for the design and production of biomaterials and nanomaterials, among other applications.

The new network of ICTS updated by the Technological and Innovation and Scientific Politics Council on the 7th October incorporates the infrastructure of production and characterisation of nanomaterials, biomaterials and biomedical systems (NANBIOSIS).

The Scientific Director of CIBER-BBN states that "the recognition is due to the hard work of both institutions to offer investigation services of high quality with added value, with equipment that is usually of a high cost being made available to the scientific community allowing for a greater and wider use and avoiding costly redundancies that are not always necessary. Also, the fact that these infrastructures are coordinated by groups that are experts in their field makes the scope of these infrastructures pass from a national to an international level."

The proposed infrastructure of investigation is orientated at medical applications and is aimed at giving a complete service with easy access through its "unique window" that includes the design and the production of biomaterials and nanomaterials, the characterisation of these materials, of tissues, medical devices and systems from the physical, chemical, functional, toxicological and biological point of view, including their preclinical validation.

NANBIOSIS has centres across Spain including Zaragoza, Badajoz, Barcelona, Caceres, Madrid, Valencia and Alava. They offer their equipment and personnel in all of the untis of the infrastructure to the whole scientific community. The new network of the ICTS is made up of 29 infrastructures and has been made following the criteria of technological, innovative and scientific quality, putting the candidates under a rigorous process of independent evaluation. The ICTS are available to both national and international scientific, technological and industrial communities, are unique in their field and have high inversion and elevated operating costs.

Platform for the Production of Antibodies
The Nb4D group is delighted to note that the Custom Antibody Service forms part of the NANBIOSIS infrastructure. The purpose of this unit is to produce polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies with the tailored affinity and selectivity features expected of high-quality antibodies, following customized and standard protocols and using various experimental strategies including: the design of haptens for immunization and competition, number of fusions (MAbs), screening systems (MAbs) and degree of antibody purification.More information on the services offered by CAbs can be found in the Services and Products section of this website.

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