Presentation of PhD Thesis


Daniel González Pinacho will present his doctoral thesis titled "Analytical Strategies based on the Design of Class-Specific Immunoreagents for the Control of Quinolone Residues in Milk".

The presentation will take place at 11.30 in the Sala de Graus Eduard Fontseré of the Chemistry Faculty of the University of Barcelona on the 22nd of June, 2015.

The thesis describes the investigation performed to develop alternative techniques that would increase the efficiency of the control of antibiotic residues in food by using selective receptors (antibodies). More specifically, the final objective was to develop immunochemical techniques and immunosensors for the detection of quinolone antibiotic residues in milk.
The production of class-slective antibodies for quinolones, one of the most important antibiotic families in veterinary medicine, has been the principal objective. Antibodies were produced through rational design and the synthesis of the appropriate haptens using chemical criteria and molecular modelling tools.

The characterisation of the generated antibodies was evaluated by developing ELISA assays on microplates. The results showed that it was possible to obtain quinolone class-selective antibodies and that up to ten different congeners of this family could be detected according to the EU requirements. Meanwhile, the necessary protocols to apply these immunochemical procedures to the analysis of milk samples have been developed and a semiquantitive format with the ability to clearly identify quinolone-free from contaminated samples has been established.

As a result of this work several peer-reviewed articles have been published. An international patent (WO2012069683) was submitted and has been extended to various countries (USA, China, Japan). This patent is currently been exploited by a biotechnological company active in the agrofood industry and based in Belgium.

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