• Publication in Electroanalysis

    - 13/06/2016

    Salvador, J. P.; Marco, M. P., Amperometric Biosensor for Continuous Monitoring Irgarol 1051 in Sea Water. Electroanalysis 2016, n/a-n/a. An amperometric biosensor usign gold screen printed electrodes functionalised for the covalent immobilisation of immunoreagents has been developed for the detection of Irgarol 1051, an anti-fouling agent...
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  • Opening for Manager/ Promoter at Nb4D Group

    - 17/05/2016

    The Nb4D group is currently looking for a Manager/ Promoter who will act as a go-between between the group and companies or technological centers in the hope of forming collaborations and transferring the technology of the group to interested markets. The candidate will be responsible for promoting the expertise of the group, the results...
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  • The Nb4D group has been awarded a grant from Catalan government to increase Technology Transfer

    - 11/03/2016

    The Nanobiotechnology for Diagnostics Group has been awarded a prestigious grant from ACCIÓ to potentiate its plans for Technology Transfer and to be acredited with the TECNIO stamp of approval. These grants are aimed at financing for up to three years the integration of the selected groups into the TECNIO network. TECNIO is the...
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  • Publication in Journal of Luminescence

    - 11/01/2016

    Pastells, C.; Marco, M.P.; Merino, D.; Loza-Alvarez, P.; Pasquardini, L.; Lunelli, L.; Pederzolli, C.; Doldosso, N.; Farnesi, D.; Berneschi, S.; Righini, G.C.; Quercioli, F.; Nunzi Conti, G.; Soria, S. Two photon versus one photon fluorescence excitation in whispering gallery mode microresonators. Journal of Luminescence, 2016, Vol. 170(3)...
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