Design and evaluation of a novel impedimetric immunosensor for the diagnosis of sepsis of respiratory origin due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa

The research project consortium that will carry out the NanBioSepRes project is coordinated by the NanoBiotechnology for Diagnostics group (Nb4D-CIBER-BBN), headed by Prof. Mª Pilar Marco. Likewise, the project also involves the Group on Clinical Microbiology and Experimental Infectious Pathology (CIBERES), headed by Dr. Vicente Ausina Ruiz, and the TIR group (SEPAR), headed by Dr. Juan Ruiz Manzano.

The main objective of this project is the development and validation of an impedimetric immunosensor platform that could be used for point of care (PoC) clinical diagnosis. In this project, the platform will be addressed at detecting Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in blood and respiratory samples. The project has a clear translational character since it uses knowledge and technology already developed to develop an in vitro diagnostic device with a clear and well-defined clinical application and with the intention to implement the system in the clinical laboratory after an appropriate validation. Thus, as starting point the consortium counts has already available the necessary immunoreagents for the specific detection of P. aeruginosa (PC1-BSA(AE) and As230, a bioconjugate and a specific polyclonal antibody, patent no. P201330312) and the impedimetric sensor that will be used as the transducer system in the final biosensor device (P200701253 and P200931164), developed by the Nb4D group. Moreover, the project has the support of two companies with interest in the field.

The technological approach for this impedimetric immunosensor platform is based on the modification of the system impedance that is generated by the formation of the antigen-antibody complexes and the modification of the local electrical field and the ion mobility on the sensor surface. Impedimetric signal detection does not require any labelling and could detect with high sensitivity the formation of the antigen-antibody complexes in direct manner. The technological platform has already been evaluated in other biological systems and with distinct types of bioreceptors.
  • Group on Clinical Microbiology and Experimental Infectious Pathology, CIBERES
  • TIR Group, SEPAR

Participating Investigators
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