M.-Pilar Marco

PhD in Pharmacy at UB

Position at Nb4D group
Professor of Research of the CSIC and Head of NB4D. Research interests include immunochemistry, biosensors and novel nanobiotechnology approaches for improved diagnostics.

Research line
Specific receptors
Optical and Electrochemical Sensing Principles
Functional Biohybrid materials
Food safety
Clinical field

00 34 934006100 Ext 5119

pilar.marco at cid.csic.es


Additional information
Recent Publications
  • Pastells, C.; Marco, M.P.; Merino, D.; Loza-Alvarez, P.; Pasquardini, L.; Lunelli, L.; Pederzolli, C.; Doldosso, N.; Farnesi, D.; Berneschi, S.; Righini, G.C.; Quercioli, F. Nunzi-Conti, G.; Soria, S. Two photon versus one photon flourescence excitation in whispering gallery mode microresonators. Journal of Luminescence, 2016, Vol. 170(3), pg. 860-865.
  • Sanmarti-Espinal, M.; Galve, R.; Iavicoli, P.; Persuy, M.A.; Pajot-Augy, E.; Marco, M.P.; J. Samitier. Immunochemical strategy for quantification of G-coupled olfactory receptor proteins on natural nanovesicles. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2016, Vol. 139, pg. 269-276.
  • Broto, M.; Matas, S.; Babington, R.; Marco, M. P.; Galve, R., Immunochemical detection of penicillins by using biohybrid magnetic particles. Food Control 2015, 51 (0), 381-389.
  • Muriano, A.; Chabottaux, V.; Diserens, J. M.; Granier, B.; Sanchez Baeza, F.; Marco, M. P., Rapid immunochemical analysis of the sulfonamide-sugar conjugated fraction of antibiotic contaminated honey samples. Food Chemistry 2015, 178, 156-163.
  • Tufa, R. A.; Pinacho, D. G.; Pascual, N.; Granados, M.; Companyó, R.; Marco, M. P., Development and Validation of an Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Fluoroquinolones in Animal Feeds. Food Control 2015, 57 (0), 195-201.
  • Pastells, C.; Acosta, G.; Pascual, N.; Albericio, F.; Royo, M.; Marco, M. P., An immunochemical strategy based on peptidoglycan synthetic peptide epitopes to diagnose Staphylococcus aureus infections. Analytica Chimica Acta 2015, 889, 203-211.
  • Díaz-González, M.; Pablo Salvador, J.; Bonilla, D.; Pilar Marco, M.; Fernández-Sánchez, C.; Baldi, A., A microfluidic device for the automated electrical readout of low-density glass-slide microarrays. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2015, 74, 698-704.
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