Organic synthesis lab

Obtaining an antibody with tailored properties requires a good design of the most suitable hapten. Our organic chemistry lab is able to provide enough tools for the synthesis of different types of haptens using different chemistries. Furthermore, supporting services provided from the IQAC, such as mass spectrometry, NMR, etc, offer the tools necessary for full characterisation.

Immunochemistry lab

The evaluation of the antibody produced and the establishment of the immunochemical protocols for the detection of a wide varity of analytes (small molecules, peptides, proteins,…) are performed in the immunochemistry lab. Different immunochemical techniques are able to be implemented in our lab, such as ELISA, magneto-ELISA, fluoroimmunoassay or DNA/protein microarray.
Bioconjugates necessary for the development of an immunoassay are done in this lab such as protein conjugation or preparation of biohybrid nanoparticles which is the chemical coupling of proteins (such as antibodies or oligonucleotides) to nanoparticles.
Additionally, the synthesis of nanoparticles is performed in our installations, primarily gold nanoparticles (spherical or rods) or semiconductural nanoparticles (i.e. CdS)

Biosensors lab

Different novel transducing principles are explored in this laboratory. From optical to electrochemical detection, the antibodies produced and evaluated are tested using novel properties in order to develop a biosensor. SPR or LSPR have been studied in order to obtain biosensors using an antibody as the biorecognition element. Alternatively, amperometric or impedimetric signals were obtained using the antibody as the key biorecognition element.

Hybridoma lab

It is equipped with a laboratory for the development and production of monoclonal antibodies; where there are two separate and conditioned experimental areas with humidity and temperature regulators and positive air pressure conditions to maintain sterile conditions and where the necessary equipment can be found for obtaining, selecting and storing of monoclonal antibody producing hybridomas.
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