Electrochemical Readout Systems

Electrochemical sensors were the first devices that found commercial application and those which have enough sensitivity to be used in trace analysis. Nowadays they are the first choice when single analyte sensors are desired due to their simplicity, low price and robustness. However, massive multianalyte devices are still under study. Two main interrogation schemes are mainly used to extract the information with these devices.

Case Studies

Redox based sensors

These sensors take advantage of enzymatic chemical signal amplification providing high detectability. Their development could be straightforward from ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), recording a redox current.

Electrochemical Magnetoimmunosensing Strategy for the Detection of Pesticide Residues

Citation: Zacco, E.; Pividori, M. I.; Alegret, S.; Galve, R.; Marco, M. P., Analytical Chemistry 2006, 78 (6), 1780-1788. URL

GOODFOOD (IST-2003-508774)

Development of a Coulombimetric Immunosensor Based on Specific Antibodies Labeled with CdS Nanoparticles for Sulfonamide Antibiotic Residues Analysis and its Application to Honey Samples

Citation: Valera, E.; Muriano, A.; Pividori, I.; Sánchez-Baeza, F.; Marco, M. P., ¡Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2013, 43 (0), 211-217. URL

Conffidence (FP7-211326)

Impedance sensors

Direct detection of the analyte-receptor complex is possible without the use of a label, based on electrode-substrate electron transfer processes in the interfacial layer or by just monitoring changes of the dielectric constant at this interface. In all cases, the impedance spectroscopy tools are very useful to study and optimize the interrogation system.

An Impedimetric Immunosensor Based On Interdigitated Microelectrodes (IDμE) for the Determination of Atrazine Residues in Food Samples

Citation: Ramón-Azcón, J.; Valera, E.; Rodríguez, Á.; Barranco, A.; Alfaro, B.; Sanchez-Baeza, F.; Marco, M. P.,  Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2008, 23 (9), 1367-1373. URL

Conffidence (FP7-211326)

Three-dimensional Interdigitated Electrode Array as a Transducer for Label-free Biosensors

Citation: Bratov, A.; Ramón-Azcón, J.; Abramova, N.; Merlos, A.; Adrian, J.; Sánchez-Baeza, F.; Marco, M.-P.; Domínguez, C.,  Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2008, 24 (4), 729-735. URL

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